Make your business unmissable. Get noticed. Be remembered. Big signs demand attention and it’s very hard to unsee a billboard.‎

Outdoor advertising delivers brand awareness like no other medium, and beautifully complement other promotional media. But how to you get the most bang for buck? Potential clients are likely to see hundreds of billboards on their weekly commutes to Auckland or on the roads around Warkworth, Orewa and North Auckland. But they will only remember a handful of them. We can make sure your company is on one of those big signs that get remembered by consumers.

Elevating your brand 

In a cluttered media environment, billboard advertising stands out – it looms larger than life. Outdoor advertising campaigns allow your business to grab the attention of a captive audience. With Auckland’s traffic, people are spending more and more time on the road. Billboards give you the perfect opportunity to engage with them.

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Amplify your message

There is an ever-growing number of vehicles on Auckland’s roads, and while nobody likes it, people stuck in ‘stop-and-go traffic’ are more likely to see what’s around them. Billboards give you the perfect opportunity to get in front of your clients.

We’ll give you a shout out

We can guide you every step of the way from your billboard conception to completion. Launching your outdoor business advertising campaign couldn’t be simpler. We can work with you on graphic design, then print, deliver and assemble your billboard to get you out there.

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High impact solutions

Let us create an outdoor sign that works. Billboard marketing relies more on visuals than words and for some things in life, bigger really is better. Your sign might be static, but your audience is not.

Billboards are there for a quick and memorable message to get people to look you up. You want to show it, not say it. With big signs, a picture is worth a thousand words and can mean the difference between a customer calling or forgetting you. The wide format printer at Totally Wrapped Signs prints beautiful graphics up to 50m long.

When drivers around Rodney see big signs, they don’t have time to read a lot of text. Six seconds is about the average time spent reading a billboard, so we’ll work with you to make that time count. On high impact billboards, less is more, and we’ll make sure your call to action is catchy and memorable.

Hit the streets with one of our big signs

Get your brand in front of a captive audience. Unlike other mediums, outdoor advertising does not need to be invited in. Outdoor signs cannot be turned off like television, radio or web-based advertising. Big signs demand attention.

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You’ll be totally wrapped with what we can do for your business.

Need a reliable Warkworth sign writer? With the range of printing and finishing processes at our disposal, we can deliver. No matter how big or small your signage needs are, you’ll experience a level of service and respect that you deserve. We don’t satisfy, we impress. If you’d like your message to be seen, contact us.

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